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  • To create awareness and understanding that ME/CFS is a very real, and for many, a very debilitating illness.
  • To publicise and create awareness of the severity and widespread nature of the illness.
  • To publicise and create awareness of the consequences of living with ME/CFS for the sufferer, carer and the whole family unit and to highlight their needs.
  • To generally offer support, understanding and friendship to all those affected by ME/CFS.
  • Through publicity reach as many sufferers and carers of ME/CFS as possible, as they often feel quite isolated by the debilitation of the ME/CFS, and the scepticism they often face.
  • To stimulate discussion and subsequent understanding of ME/CFS.
  • To increase awareness of ME/CFS amongst
    • members of the medical profession
    • educationalists
    • employers
    • politicians
    • society in general
  • To promote the international links with individuals, groups, medical professionals and researchers in ME/CFS or ME/CFS linked illnesses.
  • To support, help and develop the BRAME campaign around the world using the Blue Ribbon and BRAME enamel badge as universal symbols to create a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS.
  • Funds raised through BRAME in the UK and around the world will be used to promote the aims of BRAME with excess funds being donated to research into ME/CFS.

Following the tremendous response and success the Blue Ribbons were having in Great Britain, it was decided that as ME is a universal illness the Blue Ribbons should be universal as well.

Other countries are asked to accept the aims of BRAME, so that the Blue Ribbon carries the same message all over the world.

Through the Blue Ribbon we are forming a worldwide network, and BRAME is now in contact with 18 countries around the world.

BRAME has been successfully launched in Australia, Germany, Ireland and Italy, and will be launched this year in Switzerland and Belgium.

If everyone who had ME and their family and friends wore Blue Ribbons, then we must have an impact on heightening awareness.


ME/CFS is a potentially severe, disabling and chronic condition affecting the immune and central nervous system, and varies greatly in its severity and duration.

ME/CFS is acknowledged as a serious neurological illness.

ME/CFS has been documented as an illness for centuries, but its incidence has increased considerably over the past 50 years. It is found particularly in the developed westernised world.

ME/CFS affects all socio-economic groups, and all ages, with the peak incidence being 20-40 years, with a secondary peak at puberty. There appears to be a slight female prominence - possibly linked with hormone levels. There is evidence to suggest that the incidence of ME/CFS in children is increasing.

ME/CFS can be both sporadic and epidemic in form.

ME/CFS is still very misunderstood by medics, other professionals and society in general.

ME/CFS sufferers are still met with scepticism and disbelief.

ME/CFS has no known specific diagnostic test, and as yet there is still no known cure.

ME/CFS sufferers who obtain a diagnosis in the early stages of their illness, and subsequent understanding, support and management, tend to be the ones who make the most significant progress.

We would like to thank Dr T. Mitchell MA, MD, FRC Path., Medical Advisor to BRAME, for his advice in producing this leaflet.

This information leaflet has been produced with funds raised through BRAME as part of BRAME's aim to create a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS.

30 Winmer Avenue, Winterton-on-sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 4BA. Telephone: 01493 - 393717.

Brame was launched in Great Britain on 24 April 1995. Following the success of BRAME in Britain, in November 1995 the campaign was taken to the World Medical Conference on ME/CFS in Brussels. Literature about BRAME was taken in 6 languages. As a result, the idea of BRAME was taken back to 12 countries around the world, some of whom have since initiated the BRAME campaign with enormous success. BRAME has since created a world wide network with these and other countries around the world.

BRAME is an integral and active participant in International ME/CFS Awareness Day on May 12, a time when the universal symbal of the Blue Ribbon will be worn and promoted around the world.

BRAME has now introduced a BRAME enamal badge, fun button badge, stickers (designed by K. Lockwood), greeting cards, posters and literature.

The BRAME campaign has become a means of raising funds. These funds are being used to continue to promote the aims of BRAME with excess funds being donated to research.

BRAME is really working in stimulating conversation about ME/CFS, offering an opportunity to educate society in general, creating a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS.

By wearing your Blue Ribbon/badge you are supporting all those affected by ME/CFS around the world, in helping to create a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS, and you are also participating in what has truly become an international ME/CFS awareness campaign.

Tanya Harrison - Chairperson BRAME

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ME/CFS International Awareness Day

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