MCS : Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
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Defining MCS/EI??

The Chemical Injury Information Network endorses Dr. Gunnar Heuser's proposal that persons having damage in at least 4 of 7 areas (central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, T-cell subsets, pulmonary, nasal/ sinuses, chemical antibodies, and autoimmune antibodies) are more probably than not, disabled by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Alternatively, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine puts it this way:
"ENVIRONMENTALLY TRIGGERED ILLNESSES (ETI) are the adverse consequences that result when the homeodynamic interactions among biological functions are compromised by external or internal stressors. These stressors may range from severe acute exposure to a single stressor, to cumulative relatively low-grade exposures to many stressors over time. The resultant dysfunction is dependent on the patient's genetic makeup, his nutrition and health in general, the stressors, the degree of exposure to them, and the effects of seven fundamental biological governing principles: biochemical individuality, individual susceptibility, the total load, the level of adaptation, the bipolarity of responses, the spreading phenomenon, and the switch phenomenon."

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The MICAGO Declaration

Revised January 2008

To Whom It May Concern

I assert my right to the fundamental freedom to chose what is right for my health
I assert my right not to be poisoned by toxic chemicals in the name of corporate greed
I assert my right not to have my health damaged by either government action or apathy

And I fully acknowledge
My often-overlooked responsibility
To do all I can within the spirit of the law
To protect those vital rights

I call for an end to the pollution of my air, food, water and environment by toxic chemicals
I call for an end to the burden imposed on my body by the synergistic effect of known toxins
I call for an end to all the many daily violations of my body by unavoidable toxic chemicals

And I confront with all my honesty
My own complicity and past contributions
In helping to bring about
The present toxic holocaust we are all living under

I believe that all toxic synthetic chemicals can be replaced by safe and natural alternatives
I believe that a safe, pollution free world is possible - and that we can have it if we really try
I believe that the unity of the many - in common cause - can bring about true miracles of change

And I want now to add my voice
To the international choir of the just
For ending the insatiable greed of the few
At the great expense of the many


If the above declaration resonates with you, your group, or your organisation, then we invite you, with arms wide open, to join with us in a new unity of common cause called The MICAGO Initiative. Joining incurs no cost, it asks of you no compromise, and it places no obligation whatsoever upon you. By joining with us you are simply making a basic but very empowering statement of international unity against the toxic-chemical abuse of our bodies, our social and wild environments, and the many forms of wildlife that share this wonderful blue planet with us - all in the name of soulless, corporate greed.



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The MICAGO Declaration

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“Irrespective of scientific uncertainties regarding the diagnosis, aetiology and management of MCS, the impact of these symptoms on the well-being, productivity and lifestyle of those affected can be dramatic. It is neither helpful nor appropriate to address the problem solely by the hypotheses that emphasise malingering or desire for compensation. Controversies about specific theories of MCS, diagnostic approaches or treatment modalities should not preclude the compassionate care of patients presenting with complaints consistent with MCS.”
- ACOEM 1999 position statement

Environmental Illness
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“MCS differs from the common scientific understanding of illness because the condition is always manifested by multiple non-specific symptoms from different organs at the same time and because these symptoms may occur after exposure to chemicals at very low concentrations.”
- Danish Environmental Protection Agency

MCS is a serious and growing public health problem that affects people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds. A 1997 survey conducted by the New Mexico Department of Health found that 16% of the state's respondents reported being unusually sensitive to everyday chemicals, like household cleaning products, paints, perfumes and insect sprays, and 2% reported they had been diagnosed with MCS.

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