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Avoid social withdrawal: Sufferers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome should be encouraged to keep up with social networking/support, even if only by telephone.

The impact on partners, other family members or carers can also be significant, with the potential to put relationships under strain. Support and counselling for carers or family members are strongly recommended where appropriate.


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) - also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is believed to be caused by an abnormal response to a virus or some other 'trigger' factor.

CFS is a chronic condition lasting months or years. Individuals with CFS are prone to relapse if they exceed the limits of physical or mental exertion which their illness imposes.

Symptoms may vary in severity from day to day, and even from hour to hour. There may be profound physical and mental exhaustion, persistent pain in the muscles and joints, headaches varying from dull to intense, dizziness, nausea, fainting, poor concentration and memory, pallor or flushing of face, an inability to tolerate extremes of heat, light or sound and sensitivity to various agents and chemicals.

Individuals with CFS will need to avoid prolonged standing, extremes of heat and cold, exposure to fumes from science laboratories and gas heating and mental or physical exertion beyond the limits imposed by their condition.

As a consequence of this illness, an individual may feel a great sense of isolation and loneliness as well as a serious loss of self-confidence."


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ME/CFS International Awareness Day

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MAY 12   2009

Awareness Day

"Above all compassion and understanding. People with CFS have to deal with the physical symptoms and limitation that the desease brings, but the emotional strain also"

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"My cognitive difficulties were frightening and confusing. I often feared I was going crazy. I was ordinarily an intelligent man and avid learner, but suddenly my thinking was clouded and confused. I forgot things extremely easily. I mixed up words and I couldn't think of phrases I wanted to use. My concentration span was extremely short and my mathematical ability almost disappeared."
- a person with CFS



"Currently, community services in Australia serve people with CFS, their families and carers very poorly. Services and support for people with other chronic and serious illness are generally provided without the ambivalence, relative ignorance and generally negative attitudes with which the support is provided to people with CFS, their families and carers."
- a patient support group